Top 5 Best Free Homeschool Curriculums That You Can Find Online

Education is one of the most important aspects of human life. It not only shapes the minds and perspectives of future generations but also reflects our society’s values. Education has been changing dramatically over the years thanks to new technology, which has made more content available for free at your fingertips. The following are five top-rated free homeschool curriculums that you can find online with very little money!

1) IEW Online Free Homeschool Curriculums:

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This is one of the best free homeschool curriculums that was developed by a mother who wanted her children to have an education that would help them grow in intellectual curiosity and social skills while fostering their love for learning. With this curriculum, students are able to go through each course at their own pace with interactive lessons on topics such as literature study, composition, grammar, and public speaking. Other features include lesson plans and records of grades.

2) Library of Things:

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This program uses “homeschooling families to teach each other.” The basic idea is that homeschooling parents volunteer their time by teaching one another’s children in different subjects such as math, science, or even home economics. Parents who participate can save a lot of money on supplies for their own kids since the only cost is what they spend with their family teaching group.

3) BJU Press Online Curriculum:

This curriculum was developed by Bob Jones University Press and includes several courses for students from preschool all the way through college-level classes such as Greek and Hebrew language studies. You can find many of these classes online or you can buy study materials to use with your children.

4) Classical Conversations:

This program aims to “help parents raise well-rounded, Godly families who know and love the Lord.” The group offers home school curriculums for children from preschool to high school that are full of fun activities and lessons in art, history, science, literature, etc. One major benefit is that any family can join regardless if they are part of a church or not.

5) Harvard Summer School:

If you want your child to learn in an academically challenging setting during their summer vacation, this might be the program for you! During one week in July or August, students get a taste of Harvard learning with courses on topics such as genetics, Shakespeare, poetry, biology, etc. There is a small fee for the course and it usually asks that you buy your own textbook that corresponds to the summer school class.

You can find all of these free homeschool curriculums by simply searching Google or another search engine. However, I encourage you to do research before choosing one curriculum over another since many of them may have similar and different goals and purposes than the others listed here!


Homeschooling has become a more popular choice for parents in recent years. With online free homeschool curriculums, it can be easier than ever to find the right program for your family. We’ve provided five of our favorite free homeschool curriculums that you can find online. Have you tried any of these?

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