The Best Time to Introduce Tutoring For Kindergarten

tutoring for kindergarteners

Teaching Kindergarteners in a homeschool environment can be very demanding, but if done correctly tutoring for Kindergarteners can provide an enriching and memorable experience. Teaching Kindergarteners in a homeschool setting is challenging, but it can also be rewarding because teaching Kindergarteners at home provides an experience different from what a public or private school could offer. It’s important to know how to make classroom time a fun and effective learning experience for both the teacher and the student. Here are some suggestions about how to do just that.

Use The Afrikaans System For Kindergarten

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One great idea for tutoring for Kindergarteners in a homeschool environment is to use the Afrikaans System for Kindergarten. This curriculum is specifically designed for the early childhood years, focusing on critical childhood development skills through the early years of life. The curriculum is a collaboration of information and research from many areas of science and education, resulting in a highly individualized curriculum that addresses the special needs of children from all backgrounds. This unique system was created by Helen Kappler-Peiterson, an internationally recognized educator and researcher who has spent 30 years working with preschool and K-12 students in various states of the U.S.A. She now lives in New Zealand, but continues to teach and research using her Afrikaanse System for Kindergarten.

Flexible Scheduling

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Some people think that it’s better to hire someone to teach their Kindergarteners than to just hire someone to come and teach them. You can’t give up the priceless time you have to yourself to teach Kindergarteners. Schedule your tutoring time during your free time. If you have kids of your own, they might enjoy helping out their friends as well. You may even be able to find tutors who work flexible scheduling into their schedules, allowing you some time away from your children while you get the homework done.

Political Science

There is a certain level of interest in politics that almost everyone who is not already an expert has some knowledge of. In fact, you would probably be amazed at how much some of the most famous scholars in the world have in common with your kindergarteners. So, consider taking some politics courses (at least those that do not center on the American government) and tutoring for Kindergarteners.

Reference Books

Many kindergarteners are not avid readers so you may not think this is a good tutoring service topic, but it actually is. After all, what child in his right mind doesn’t want a great library card? Ask your tutors to suggest some reference books for your Kindergarteners to look over and read. They should also be able to recommend some good, basic reference books you can ask your kindergarteners to read themselves.

Bottom Line

Pay-As-You-Go Options: Finally, some families who would like to find a cheaper option might want to look into getting their child a “pay-as-you-go” educational GPS device. These devices will be useful for parents who are concerned about whether or not their children are getting enough practice in the classroom or are receiving sufficient distance learning or instructional type training. In other words, these devices will allow Kindergarteners to be equipped with enough lessons on a specific topic without the added expense of a subscription to a tutor. This is a great option for families who want to teach Kindergarteners while keeping an eye on their budget at the same time. In most cases, the device will come with its own tutor and a preset set of lesson plans that parents can use with the GPS device.

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