The Best Books On Homeschooling I’ve Ever Read

best books on homeschooling

While most texts on homeschooling focus mainly on the development of a child, this one differs because it looks at the development of both the individual and the family. Specifically, the author provides several suggestions for helping parents cope with public schools. The author rightly points out that humanism has failed many Christian families. Even though some of these Christian families have managed to survive the hostile atmosphere of the public school, other families have disintegrated.

What does this mean for Christian parents who desire to provide their children with the best education possible? It means being aware of the fact that history has provided too many examples of what can go wrong when relying on a public education for your child. The best books on homeschooling by Pamela Hillman show that there is a way of providing the best education for your own child, whether it is through Christian homeschool or through non-denominational public education. The fact is that both types of education are capable of providing a good education for your children.

The Concept Of Public Schools

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As a former homeschool teacher, Hillman knows how important it is to help her students understand and appreciate the importance of higher education. For instance, when she was a homeschool teacher, most of her Christian students did not like the concept of public schools. They thought they should be able to receive a higher education just like their secular counterparts. However, as Hillman understood the philosophy of higher education, she was able to help her Christian students overcome their objections to the idea of a public education.

That is the key benefit of this textbook: it helps you overcome objections to the idea of public schools, whether based on religion or a lack of funds. The index of this textbook provides bibliographical information regarding Hillman’s many works, including her most popular volume, A Beka Children’s Bible (1987, Oxford University Press). Other works listed are: God’s Little Acre: A Practical Guide to Home Education (1990, Westport, UT), Making God Happen: A Book of One Hundred Ideas for Living (1990, Wheaton, IL), The Book of Nineveh: A Translation and Study (1990, Oxford University Press), and A Century of Humans: A Biblical History (1990, Grand Rapids, MI).

The Best Books On Homeschooling By Pamela Hillman

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Additionally, The Best Books on Homeschooling by Pamela Hillman shows how to find an appropriate Christian homeschool curriculum for your child. One thing that makes public schools ineffective is that they force Christian ideas and materials into students’ minds. This includes public education programs that promote a humanistic perspective, which is contrary to the Christian belief that Christ represents everything that is good. Moreover, public schools limit the involvement of Christian students in all aspects of learning, such as Bible studies, creative learning, social studies, and arts and crafts. In these public schools, children are taught to think like other people, rather than like Jesus or God. In addition, public schools often fail to teach students about free will and responsibility, which are essential to a spiritual life.

Hillman’s Book Gives Excellent Advice

Hillman’s book gives excellent advice for Christian homeschooling parents who want to provide a quality public education for their children. Some of the suggestions include learning about the difference between private education and public education, as well as different types of homeschool curriculum and lesson plans. She also provides good advice for working with local public schools and even provides a list of resources available to parents who want to start a homeschool.

Finally, she provides a helpful discussion about what sorts of reading lists are appropriate for homeschoolers, as well as lists of appropriate books. Hillman encourages parents to get started on homeschooling as soon as possible and emphasizes that Christian homeschooling can be done successfully with very little money, time, or effort.

The Positive Aspects Of Private Education

This is not a book that denounces American history, or the government-funded public education system. Rather, it is a book that highlights the positive aspects of private education, while criticizing the negative aspects of public education. Although Hillman does not go so far as to suggest that public education is a failed system, she does argue that it does promote secular humanism that has caused many problems in modern society.

The fact is that most people do not learn enough about America’s history to understand why certain policies have been adopted, and why others have not. In this regard, many of the best books on homeschooling can serve as an important source of understanding about our nation’s early years.


The two best books on homeschooling I have read were written by William Horatio Nelson Rousas and John Holt. Horatio Rousas’s America and the Crisis of the American School System was a quick read. It provided a quick summary of the historical facts regarding the American education system. It also explained how and why Rousas believed that the accelerated growth that occurs in the United States is a product of American Exceptionalism. This book was a great introduction to the topic of homeschooling for me and just about everyone else interested in this area.

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