Purpose of Public Schooling For Proper Upliftment Of Your Child

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What’s your opinion on the purpose of public schooling? Do you think that the basic purpose is to provide education only?

Public education has become a business for all, especially teachers. And the purpose of public schooling or education is to make sure that all the people living in society should have a basic skill set that includes reading, writing, ability to interpret and create directives and directions, math, basic social interactions, etc.) And to guarantee that people will be able to have an ability to learn, irrespective of their wealth or social status.

For superiors, education has been reachable. They can easily afford to not let children work, and to pay for their education, etc.

But it’s not the same with lower & middle classes, for them, it has been a dream for many people.

Why Is Public Education Required?

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In the U.S., parents send their children to school at an early age of around 5 years until the completion of graduation at 18 years of age.

And during these years, it is expected that they would transform themselves from illiterate to mastering the knowledge and skills that are crucial for their futures. However, it might be different.

The purpose of public schooling is to educate a child in their lives. But why is public education present in the first position?

The National School Boards Association, says that the main purpose of public schooling is to ensure a child with following things:

1. Developing Students for college and also nourishing them for jobs that might not present yet because of the rapidly changing technology.

2. To help children in fulfilling their various dreams and potentials.

3. Guarantee students to become good individuals, focuses completely on the child instead of focusing on the mastery of academic things.

4. Developing students to become good citizens and live a meaningful life, while following society’s legal and social rules.

5. Help children in escaping from poverty, and work to enhance their basic skills that will be beneficial for them in their entire lives.

Challenging Roles of Educators: Purpose of Public Schooling

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If you look at the current situation of the pandemic, educators are really facing tough times in their jobs.

They typically focus on providing instructions and content knowledge.

They perform the most difficult task of giving lectures all day while students just need to copy the notes in their books but it’s all over now, things are not as simple as you think it to be.

Teachers of the modern world are required to encourage students and become facilitators of knowledge to be self-motivated in the learning project.

They inculcate 4Cs in students that are: 

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

These 4Cs help students to perform better in their future and do wonders.

Conclusion On Purpose of Public Schooling

In all, the basic purpose of public schooling is to ensure every child with social and moral values of life and to secure their future by making them learn today.

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