How to Choose the Right Home School Option For Your Child

home school options

Whether you’re a parent with three or four children, or are searching for a way to provide them with the opportunity to receive a quality education, there are a variety of different home school options available. Some of the most common is called a charter, and offers a limited amount of resources and instruction that will be utilized in a classroom. Other home school options include a home school program based on a public school curriculum, or an individualized curriculum where parents and/or teachers help create a unique curriculum for your child. Private lessons are also a popular option for many parents who do not wish to take on the extra work involved in providing their own instruction and resources.

Materials And Guidance

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Both options offer similar benefits to homeschoolers. In both cases, parents are responsible for providing the materials and guidance required for learning within a specific time frame. However, with a charter or private school, parents are allowed to select from a varied curriculum offered by various providers. Also, homeschooling programs can provide much more flexibility when it comes to selecting a provider.

Private lessons are also a common option in home school options. These homeschool courses are typically more expensive, but allow parents to customize lessons to meet their needs. Some of the typical courses offered through a private school affidavit are English, Math, Science, History, Philosophy, and the Arts.

Online Curriculum

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An online homeschool curriculum generally falls into one of two categories. The first option is known as an online curriculum. With an online homeschool curriculum, students take courses through the Internet rather than being given a set of textbooks or study guides to read over. Instead, students use a specific web-based textbook, student guide, or study manual to teach the material. An example of an online homeschool curriculum might include Learning Matters, Learn and Master, or the apologia academy.

The second option is known as an in-person curriculum. With an in-person curriculum, students attend a traditional classroom setting. In many cases, homeschooling programs utilize this option because there is an instructor who can teach students and guide them toward completing educational goals. The instructor may be a parent, child care provider, or other trusted friend. In-person curriculums are often offered at local churches, community centers, or other religious and spiritual organizations.

Home School Legal Defense Association

The third option is known as a home school legal defense association. This is an association that provides oversight and training for parents who choose to home school their children. This association typically meets once a month and offers informational meetings online as well. Home school legal defense associations typically focus on areas such as immunization requirements, teenage drug abuse, academic neglect, and discipline problems.


There are many home school options available to parents today. Some of these options include Christian home schooling, military road schooling, homeschool curriculum from companies like Silpa or Learning Pathways, and an online training center. Each of these options provide exceptional instruction and teach the child according to his or her individual needs. Regardless of which of these road schooling options you decide on, be sure to do your research. Do not trust your child to a new instructor without first doing your homework. With a strong home schooling curriculum and oversight, you can make a wonderful change for your child’s life.

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