Homeschooling Books For Moms – Where to Find a Good Book

homeschooling books for parents

What do you need in homeschooling books for parents? There are many to choose from, so it is best to start by deciding what sort of material would interest you most. What kinds of stories or information do you find yourself reading the most? Is it historical fact, poetry, nature, history, the written word, the arts, etc.? Or is it Christian text, history, current events, the Bible, etc.? Once you have answered these questions, you can decide on what kind of books you want for your kids.

Know What’s

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If you’re new to homeschooling (even if you’re a few years out), these homeschooling books for parents will help you identify your “why” for homeschooling, figure out your “what” (what you expect to get out of your kids’ education), and gain the confidence you need as a homeschooling parent to homeschool forever. Here, you’ll find helpful questions to ask yourself, look at other homeschooling parents, and learn about the different kinds of curriculums used in various schools. You’ll also discover how to become an “unhurry” homeschooler–a homeschooling parent who homeschools without rushing their kids or putting them to any kind of school.

In Learning Classic Literature: An Introduction to the Literature of the Modern Age for Homeschoolers, you’ll learn the importance of reading and writing in homeschool, as well as how to use classic literature in your own homeschool. Author Ruth Swain brings together some of the most innovative minds in the teaching of homeschooling to present an inspiring and insightful exploration of classic literature. This is one of the most valuable homeschooling books for parents.

The Homeschooling Guide To Self-Regulation

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Another helpful homeschooling book for parents is The Homeschooling Guide to Self-Regulation. Author Lisa Nichols considers herself a homeschooling minimalist because she believes that homeschooling is too reliant on formal, guided learning. She devotes the majority of her book, chapters three through seven, to presenting homeschooling alternatives. These include reading, music, crafts, religious studies, and even introversion and sensitivity training, which are all practical applications of minimalist homeschooling.

Math For Absolute Beginners By Nicoletta Giancarlo

For homeschoolers interested in a purely academic approach to learning, there’s Math for Absolute Beginners by Nicoletta Giancarlo. Ms. Giancarlo starts out by presenting the basics of algebra, including how it can be used to create general equations and solve complex problems. However, Ms Giancarlo then explains that it’s important not to memorise all the basic algebra; instead students should learn to understand the significance of algebra and how to apply it in real life situations. The emphasis on practical application comes from the fact that students are expected to perform independent and practical problem solving rather than simply rely on textbook information. This book also has many case studies and graphical representations of problems, which give real life examples of how mathematics is used. This particular book provides some valuable tips for how to work through mathematics in the context of home educating.

Last Words

Homeschooling is certainly a challenge, but there are many homeschooling resources out there that provide encouragement, support, and help for struggling parents. If you’re looking for homeschooling books for moms, you can find them almost anywhere. Online bookstores and homeschooling stores carry hundreds of titles, while most homeschooling groups have a wide assortment of books for sale. Your local library is also a great source for books and other curricula, as most libraries have reading sections devoted to homeschooling. You don’t have to struggle to homeschool; you just need to be resourceful and make the most of what homeschooling offers to you and your child.

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