Homeschooling Activities For 3 Year Olds – Find Out The Basics

homeschooling activities for 3 year olds

Now, due to the pandemic, many parents are choosing to homeschool their toddlers rather than sending them to traditional preschool. It can be scary for the parents to do homeschooling as preschool is the basis for the foundations in their toddler’s life. But if you include the right activities and guide your toddler in the right direction then it can be fun. Homeschool preschool is not that hard as at that age all the toddlers learn best by playing. So, the more playful and fun the learning activities are, the earlier they will learn. The first thing you need to do is to make a play-based learning curriculum. These are some of the interesting activities that you can include to enrich your child’s learning skills:

Simple Puzzles

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Doing a puzzle is the first step in developing a child’s brain. They might not do it in one go, but those puzzles help them to build their hand-eye coordination. Also, a child’s concentration level is very low. These puzzles will keep them engaged and also increase their concentration level. So you can include puzzles in your child’s daily activity. 

Activity Books For 3 Year

A 3-year old child should identify alphabets and colors. They should also be able to write a little. This book has it all. When you want the child to learn these basic things. Then these books should be included in your child’s daily routine. They are colorful and fun to do and keep your child active. 

Fitness Activity To Learn Alphabet

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Make him/ her learning fun by doing physical activity. Make your child learn two alphabets per day and ask him to go find objects that start with the same alphabet in the house. For example, if your child learns the word A make him or her go around the house and find anything that starts with the letter A. Or you both can search the house for things that start with the letter A.

Make a poem To Learn

To make learning easy, you can make an easy poem of the alphabet for your child. It helps him to learn the alphabet easily. And throughout the day you both can sing the poem to make the learning more fun 

Coloring Book: 

There are a bunch of coloring books that you can find in your nearby stationery store or online. This book helps in enriching your child’s imagination and creativity.


Whether they are instant or a little older than that, children need storytime so always keep a storytime session at the end of your curriculum. Storytime is one of the most impactful learning lessons for a child. It develops a child’s imagination as well as language and literacy skills. They also learn life lessons during those story Times. It also increases their values. Some of the stories that you can recite are:

  • My little forest by Katrin Wiehle
  • When spring comes by Kevin Henkes
  • Illustrate by Laura Dronzek


Preschool is the most important time for a child. It’s where they learn and grow. It makes up the coming years. So it’s important to choose the right activity for homeschooling activities for 3-Year-Olds. 

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