Homeschooling 101- What Are Outside Homeschooling Activities

outside homeschooling activities

When you bring new children into your home, one of the first considerations is homeschooling outside activities. This may seem like a natural thing to do as soon as your children are old enough to decide for themselves what they want to be reading or writing about. But it’s a great idea to start thinking through this early on, because there are a wide variety of outside homeschooling activities and programs available. Some you may not have even thought of!

An Overview

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One of the most obvious outside homeschooling activities is going to be field trips. There are dozens of organizations that have wonderful package deals for children, promising to take them to exciting places all over the country. Packages range from day trip packages to overnight camp trips or week-long summer camps. The best packages offer free transportation and meals while on the trip, as well as overnight accommodations and playground use in some cases. Even better is the ability to rent a cabin or cottage on your own so you don’t have to worry about running around with your kids all day.

If your children are into nature, many organizations will send them on numerous nature trips throughout the year. These can be to nature centers or preserves, where they can learn a wide variety of interesting facts and get a real feel for the natural world. Many nature trips also include weekend camping trips where your children can explore different locations and enjoy the sites they discover. There is even an activity calendar for kids that outlines all the different nature activities they can expect to explore. If you’re trying to decide what kinds of outside homeschooling activities your children might enjoy, this calendar can really help.

Best Homeschooling Activities

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For a more hands-on sort of activity, many outside homeschooling activities involve gardening. Gardening is a natural activity that allows children to become more self-sufficient. They will learn how to prepare food, keep it healthy, and be responsible for keeping their gardens well maintained. Some children even find the joy of planting trees and flowers to be very endearing.

If you would like to do something a little more hands-on, there are still plenty of outside homeschooling activities for kids to enjoy. Many times, you can bring in your child’s grandparents or foster family members to help you with some of the tasks. It’s also helpful to make sure that your kids are excited about learning new things – if they are having fun, then they will be more likely to learn and retain the information.

Learning Through Playtime

In addition to learning, children learn through playtime. Even though some children are content sitting in front of computers, others need interaction with people in order to thrive. When they are surrounded by people their own age, they tend to be a little bit shy. By playing with other children their own age, they begin to develop the social skills they will need as they grow up. This is one reason that outside activities are so important to a child’s development.

Many parents choose to homeschool their children, but they may not have the space for a traditional school setting. Fortunately, there are many outside homeschooling activities for kids to participate in. Activities range from sporting events to field trips to local parks. Depending on what your child enjoys most, he or she might enjoy something different.


Homeschooling is an important decision that you will have to make for your children. Do not feel like you are being forced to do something. You can allow your children to explore the learning process and enjoy as many outside activities as they want. Your children will be well-rounded adults, when they graduate from high school.

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