Hiring Homeschooling Teachers Online – What To Consider

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Homeschooling is a great way to teach your children, as well as provide them with the opportunity to develop their learning skills at their own pace. However, if you’re trying to find homeschooling teachers online, you may not be sure where to begin your search. Luckily, there are many great websites that have a database of qualified and experienced homeschooling teachers from across the nation. Here are some tips for finding the right professional for you, whether you are trying to hire a full-time, part-time or even online teacher, or if you simply need an individual to come in for an hour or two to help you oversee the learning of your children.

Research The Educational Quality Commission (EPC) Website 

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 The Educational Quality Commission (EPC) keeps track of all licensed homeschooling educators. If you are looking for a teacher, check out the website and search using the appropriate keywords. Be sure that you include “homeschooling” as one of your keywords, too. You can also look up the website of your state’s Board of Education, which is where you’ll find licensed homeschooling teachers. Some states, such as Arkansas, require the educator to have a Bachelors degree in childhood education, while other states only require that he or she has a master’s degree.

Contact Association Of Educators In Homeschool (AAHE) 

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 The Association of Educators in Homeschool and Homeschooling (AAHE) is a national organization dedicated to providing leadership and professional development for educators. You can also search the website of the National Homeschool Consultant, which is run by Amber Waves. If you are interested in a specific career, you can register for free at the website and receive information on how to apply for membership. In addition, the website offers forums, message boards, and application forms for homeschooling professionals.

Become A Homeschooling Teacher Online 

– A great way to begin your career is by looking for homeschooling teacher jobs through online websites. There are a number of teacher-training organizations that offer certification programs and advanced certification programs. These are great places to get your feet wet. Some of these include NCCA homeschooling, CCHE, and CCBAH. You can register for free at any of these websites, and then you will receive all of the materials needed to start teaching.

Network With Other Homeschooling Teachers 

 Do what you can to network with other homeschooling teachers. It is a good idea to attend as many workshops and conferences as possible. This will show you how to best present yourself to potential employers. You should also be aware of local news sources that report on the activities of other homeschooling teachers. You can keep up to date on events through newsletters, blogs, Facebook (profile), Twitter, and through other social media.

Keep Up To Date With Your Classroom Materials 

 Make sure that you stay on top of your instructor’s activities. You may want to call them several times a week to check in on their whereabouts and to discuss how they are doing. You should also have copies of homework sent to you so that you can check it in advance and catch mistakes. If a teacher is not using the textbook or worksheets that you have provided, you need to make arrangements with them quickly.


Review portfolios of teachers – When you work with an online course, you can’t be sure that your online teacher has actually taken the classes that you have chosen. So, you will want to review the portfolios of previous teachers that they have posted online to see what types of things they were able to teach, and what type of things they were unable to teach. By looking at their portfolios, you can get a better idea of what areas you need to emphasize in your homeschool. Homeschooling teachers online will generally have portfolios that highlight both good and bad points about their teaching, so you can use this information to get started. Also, by working with different teachers, you can get a better feel for how classrooms work, what types of activities children are most engaged in, and how classroom management is done.

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