Hawaii Homeschooling Teachers – The Advantages And Challenges You Should Know

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Homeschooling is a method of teaching children diversity of places other than school. For the parents that educated their children in the home, that process is known as home-schooling. In Hawaii, home-schooling is a popular choice among parents. If a parent decides to switch their child from public school to homeschool, they must notify prior, to the principal in advance. Homeschooling is being granted in all 50 states in Hawaii.

Hawaii Homeschooling Standards                   

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In Hawaii, it is a must that a child has attended school at least five years ago before starting homeschooling. There is no particular degree or certificate needed to teach the children from home. Before starting to teach your child, a written application should be submitted to the principal of the nearest public school. In a written application, basic correct information of the child should be added, like the name of the student and parents, date of birth, grade, and parent’s signature.  Then it will be approved by the public school principal. After that, assessments and the progress of the particular child should be reported gradually.

Homeschooling Teacher’s Techniques

In general, there are no particular techniques used by the teachers while teaching a child in the home. Homeschooling teachers can search for a curriculum activity for their child to find out their abilities. Some of the study courses can be taught online, which helps teachers to monitor student development. Testing is mandatory for homeschooling students to improve their academic grades and progress. Homeschooling teachers can arrange to conduct tests at local schools with the approval of authorities. In Hawaii, extracurricular activities are not allowed for homeschooling students.

Hawaii Homeschooling Laws

There are specific laws and guidelines for Hawaii homeschooling, which are mandatory to follow. 

Parents or homeschooling teachers should submit a notice of intent to the public school principal about the student. 

Although there is no particular subject required for teaching, the homeschooling teacher must make sure the elements of the curriculum should be taught like art, music, social studies, math, physical education, and language art.

Keeping a record of the student curriculum and submitting an annual progress report to the local principal is mandatory. 

Online Learning

Considering the current condition, online learning is preferred in Hawaii. Here are a few benefits that you should know about online learning in Hawaii before you decide something. 

1. Online courses are convenient and flexible which is one of the most important reasons for preferring online classes over traditional ones.

2. It offers more individual attention.

3. Online courses have financial benefits and are generally affordable.

4. It teaches you how to be self-disciplined 

5. It promotes life-long learning

6. You can also gain real-life skills from online learning 


In the above discussion, it can be concluded that homeschooling can be an alternative studying technique for students. With proper guidance and progress monitoring, a student can study in the home.  It is a great substitute to provide education and moral values to the children. It also gives children a comfortable environment to study.

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