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Disadvantages Of Homeschooling: Unveiled Reality

Disadvantages Of Homeschooling: Unvailed Reality

Home education is an option that is not the most common among families but has its followers. Dropping a child out of school represents a big responsibility, which only a few can adequately fulfill. It deals with the necessary preparation to provide adequate programs, as well as space and time to work, so that teaching is effective. The reason why homeschooling is essential is it helps to create a good relationship between the kids and the parents. But apart from the merits of homeschooling, some disadvantages have also been noticed. So today, in this post, we will learn about the disadvantages of homeschooling system.

Disadvantages Of Homeschooling: Unvailed Reality
Disadvantages Of Homeschooling: Unveiled Reality

Many Eyes Focused On You And Your Child: Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

Having decided to educate without school, many times, you will be exposed to the eyes of people and in the same way your child. Many people do not know what education at home consists of, and therefore they will think that you are “weird” or that you are hurting your child. Sometimes you might face very uncomfortable situations. But it is better to teach the primary education to your child at home because he gets knowledge as well as ethical values from you. Through homeschooling, you have an opportunity to give extra attention to your child and monitor his growth well. Excellent communication between you and your child will be indispensable for these cases.

Cause Disapproval Of Some People: Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

Some children who go to school may think that your child is free and has the advantage of playing and enjoying, anytime. They may question their parents why do they have to go to school? Such a situation may bother those parents, and they may ask their children to stay away from your child. Sometime other parents will go against your views, but you should not care about those; instead, you should move ahead with your decision. You must have a lot of strength to face these types of situations.

Loneliness: Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

Unlike what happens in a school, your child may be alone when it comes to learning and will not participate in events such as parades, dances, or a graduation ceremony, like the school going kids. Although there are other ways to socialize, you should be aware of, if deciding for homeschooling. As your child will have ample free time, get him/her enrolled in dance classes or sports clubs.

Extra Burden On Parents

You will have to make a great effort to prepare the topics you want to teach and the learning techniques you will use. As a homeschooler’s mom, you will have to do a lot of research and also be open to learn together with your child. You must be very patient and awaken in you that innovative spirit to make your child learn.

Lack Of Socialization

In the homeschooling system, your kids do not encounter with the other children. Therefore, they do not make friends and also do not learn social values. Moreover, speaking with others opens up the mind and improves the behavior of children. Furthermore, there are many co-curricular activities that your kid is going to miss as a homeschooler.

Disadvantages Of Homeschooling: Unvailed Reality
Disadvantages Of Homeschooling: Unveiled Reality

No Institutionalization

There is an obligation to follow a school program that standardizes your kid’s discipline level with that of other children of the same age. But if they are staying at home, they will not learn these values and culture. Falling into a routine and discipline would seem difficult to them.

Time Consuming

The child’s education takes much of the time available for other family activities. If your child is schooling at home, you will have to invest a lot of time and on his/her studies, intellect development, curriculum building, and growth. We can consider it a disadvantage for the parents who do jobs and can hardly spare time.

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