Christian Homeschooling Curriculum – Setting The Right Benchmarks

christian homeschooling curriculum

Due to the numerous alternatives available, selecting a proper homeschooling curriculum, particularly a Christian homeschooling one, can be difficult. Curriculum questions are often on your mind as a homeschooling student. You plan the most comprehensive and relevant educational resource for your child every year. You may have begun to seek options for the 2020 school year as a consequence of changes affecting a range of public and private school systems. This year, more families than ever before are exploring homeschooling as a viable option for public education due to the epidemic.

Christian Homeschooling Curriculum

Whether you are a seasoned homeschooling student who enjoys this part of homeschooling and is looking for the next best thing to do within your budget, join a homeschooling group and cleanly use or exchange books, readers, manipulators, and other curricula online… Alternatively, you may be unable to select the best option for your child. Regardless of your level of homeschooling, there are several Christian homeschooling curricula accessible online and in print.

Enlightium Academy

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Many Catholic homeschooling families value flexibility, and Enlightium Academy provides it. You may pick how much assistance and support you want from instructors, counselors, and staff with this approved online curriculum for students in grades K through 12.

Parent-led programs, for example, provide for greater flexibility in scheduling and less supervision from Enlightium Academy employees while still delivering a full curriculum like Bible, math, history, science, language arts, and electives) and grading by trained teachers. Effective homeschooling training is available in the form of DVDs and webinars.


Sonlight is a well-known Christian homeschooling program. It’s literature-based (which I adore as a book nerd), so you’ll be reading and learning from a lot of wonderful books together. Additionally, the Teacher’s Guide provides you along with all the knowledge you have to deliver with minimal planning and preparation.

My Father’s World

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The Charlotte Mason method, classroom teaching, and unit studies are all included in this fantastic Christian homeschool program. They also place a great emphasis on the larger world and how it all connects to God. My Father’s World is ideal for educating one or several children because of the variety of alternatives available.

They not only give highly interactive worksheets for each grade level, but they also have a feature called the Family Learning Cycle that allows you to teach various ages/levels at once! They’ve broken it up so that you may use the same curriculum to teach preschool through second grade and third through eighth grade! The older children have a broader knowledge as your family proceeds through the units.

Nest Learning

Nest Learning is your one-stop-shop for Christian parenting resources. They sell not just fantastic curricula, but also bibles, books, music, church materials, and much much more!

Horizons (teacher-led) and Weaver (student-led) are the two lesson choices available (unit-based). The Horizons curriculum has 180 classes, each of which includes a Bible reference. You will receive two workbooks for them to complete as well as full resource and guide books for you to follow throughout this program.


If you are presently or will be homeschooling many children, the Weaver curriculum is a fantastic alternative. Its unit-based approach enables you to work on various levels of learning at the same time.

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