Catholic Homeschooling Books – How Do You Choose The Right Book

catholic homeschooling books

Catholic homeschooling is a great way for Catholic families to teach the faith. In fact, it is even more important today than ever since the sexual abuse scandal broke. Catholic homeschooling is not for everyone–not everyone has time to devote to a curriculum that is structured the same as public or Catholic schools. But for those who love the Catholic faith and want to teach their children the true love of Christ, homeschooling is the answer.

Catholic Books For Homeschooling

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A good place to start with designing a Catholic curriculum is by selecting some excellent Catholic homeschooling books that fit your child’s learning style. You might find yourself drawn to certain genres. For instance, if you have older children, you might find yourself drawn to books about ancient philosophies, mathematics, and history. Or perhaps you would prefer books on art, religion, and philosophy. These can be excellent choices for your child’s curriculum, as they will draw him away from the “textbook” approach.

As you begin to look through Catholic homeschooling books, you will find that there are many genres. You can choose books on anatomy, philosophy, geography, and even science, just to name a few. Some of these can overlap with religious studies, such as philosophy or psychology. Still other examples include children’s books on popular themes, Catholic parochial schools, and even some popular works of literature.

Choose A Seton Classic For Your Teaching Toolbox

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A good way to get started in designing a Catholic home schooling curriculum is to choose a seton classic for your teaching toolbox. Seton books make a great starting point for teaching, and many have easy to follow homework and study guides. A seton book can be used for all subjects from Mathematics and History to Art and English. In fact, if you start out teaching with a seton, you will quickly learn which books you should use for what topics, since you may not have covered certain material already.

Other good Seton home study curriculum choices for Catholic homeschool families include Bibles, works of art and music, and religious education curriculum. All of these items should be used in conjunction with one another for maximum effect. You might even consider making a separate curriculum yourself, which is relatively easy to do and can be beneficial when you need a break from the other curriculum options available to you.

Homeschooling Is Ideal For Catholic Families

Homeschooling is an effective way for Catholic families to teach their children, especially in the early years. Many families feel that public school is too slow for their growing children, and the time-tested methods of the Catholic Church are ideal for educating young minds. A Catholic home school education can give your children an excellent education in both art and literature, while also preparing them for a solid Catholic education in the future.

Last Words

In addition to teaching your child education, Catholics homeschool their children because this prepares them for the Catholic Church. A solid education helps children grow spiritually, which is one of the greatest advantages of being a Catholic. A child who understand the teachings of the Catholic Church and the obligations of her or his duty to his community and God will always be a good person. You can’t do any good things for yourself as a parent if you don’t have faith in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the Catholic Church. That’s why Catholics homeschool so many children; they understand the importance of their faith, and they follow it by teaching their children the faith.

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