Best Books for Homeschooling

best books for homeschooling

These are my all-time favorite homeschooling books, and the books I think that EVERY parent should own. The BEST homeschooling books, in my opinion.

The Unschooling Handbook – Mary Griffith

Don’t worry if you don’t plan to unschool – the information in this book can be used by everyone to enhance their child’s education. The subtitle of this book is ‘How to Use the Whole World as your Child’s Classroom,’ and that’s exactly what this book teaches you to do. It’s very clear and easy to read, and doesn’t propose any set rules. Instead, it gives plenty of ideas. It’s one of those books you read and realise that you KNOW so much of this stuff, you just needed to be told it! I read this book at least once a year for a decade, until I gifted it to a friend who was starting out.

Homeschooling the Early Years – Linda Dobson

Applicable to ages 3-8, this book covers more of the educational side of things, such as learning to read and do maths. Reading this makes you realise that it isn’t as complicated as you may think to homeschool your child, and that it actually looks pretty fun. It’s very calming. If your children are a little older, there are two more books in the series – Homeschooling the Middle Years and Homeschooling the Teen Years.

Project-Based Homeschooling Book by Lori Pickert

Love the idea of unschooling and interest-led learning but unsure how to facilitate it? Project-Based Homeschooling shows parents how to be dedicated mentors and facilitators, and how to support and extend children’s interests in a child-led way. I found this book (and Lori’s Camp Creek blog) incredibly useful for concrete ideas on how to be hands-on as a parent without taking over from my children. Highly recommended!

Teach Your Own – John Holt & Pat Farenga

John Holt was one of the pioneers of the modern homeschooling movement, and his work is still popular today (read some of his best quotes here). When you read his work you realize why – it’s timeless wisdom. Holt was a strong advocate of respecting children and supporting them in using their natural initiative and curiosity in learning. Teach Your Own covers why you should homeschool, how you should do it, and addresses the practicalities and worries about doing so very convincingly.

The Well-Trained Mind – Susan Wise Bauer & Jessie Wise

Totally inspiring and also a little intimidating, this is my resource bible. It outlines a very rigorous and comprehensive classical education program from preschool to the end of high school. My children search through it and write wish-lists of fun books for me to buy! Again, even if you’re not planning to classically educate, this is an excellent source book and contains plenty of resources and inspiration that any homeschooler can use. And if you are planning to educate classically, remember you don’t have to do EVERYTHING in this book. If you’re new to homeschooling you’ll probably find it overwhelming – if so, just pick ONE area and start there. I’d recommend their grammar stage history, it’s so much fun!

These are the best books for homeschooling.

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