A Comparative Analysis between Online Schools Vs. Public School

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The most important thing to consider when comparing online school vs. private school is the quality of education. Do your research and find out the national average for reading, writing, math, science, and other standardized tests for students attending the various online schools. Additionally, find out what types of programs are offered, such as online learning or work hours, tutoring, and college credit.

Cost Factor

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The first factor is cost. Most public school systems have tuition costs, which can end up being thousands of dollars a year. This cost should be compared to the amount of money that can be saved through distance learning programs; This is because most students who attend these types of programs do not continue to earn a degree or diploma from their online school.

The Atmosphere of the School

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The next factor to consider is the atmosphere of the school. Many public schools have a very nurturing and friendly atmosphere. These schools provide their students with guidance while they are learning. Someplace a great deal of importance on maintaining discipline within the classroom. An online school may not be able to provide the atmosphere that is needed for children.

The Technology

Another vital factor to examine is the level of technology that is used in the school. A public school may not use a computer to help educate its students. Instead, the school may use a PDA or other technology-based program. Online schools may not be as technologically advanced as their public counterparts, but some excellent programs are available. For instance, many schools offer a wide variety of computer-based educational courses, which can benefit a child’s education.

Cost Factor

The final cost factor to consider is the cost of technology and programs required by the school. Public schools usually have a range of different types of programs that they offer. They may need a computer, high-speed internet connection, VOIP telephone services, and more. If you are looking for an affordable option for your child to attend school, you may want to look into online options.

Online schools should also be considered based on the student’s needs. A physical school can provide many of the same learning opportunities as an online institution. For instance, a physical school may have teachers that offer face-to-face instruction. Additionally, many different scheduling options are available such as learning at your own pace, self-paced instruction, and a learning schedule that allow students to work around their particular programs. There are varied reasons why parents are choosing to have their children attend classes online.


Online schooling programs can be beneficial for your child and you. Consider each of the factors above to determine the best option for your child. In addition to considering the benefits above, you will also need to consider the cost of attending this type of online school. Once you have done this, you will determine if the online school is right for your child.

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